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updated July 16, 2001

       Hello and welcome to Scott Bradford's Website 10, the tenth incarnation of Scott Bradford's Website (duh!). Scott is a 2nd year student at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and is big on writing lyrics, music, short stories, and just about anything else. He works for Plexus Scientific (a government contractor) at their Alexandria office doing internet design (primarily, ~gasp~, for the Internal Revenue Service).

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       Scott has many goals in life, he would absolutely love to be a revered rock star with dozens (lol) of adoring fans. Scott's more lofty goals include, eventually, the Presidency of the United States.

 updated July 18, 2001

Grow Your Own Hair! -- You know what? Leave my head alone! I have been growing my hair since November 2000, and I am proud, utterly proud to have resisted peoples' constant nagging at me to have it cut.
       "Why!?" you ask? Because I can. Seeing as how this is my hair, which is growing out of my scalp, which wraps around my scull, which encloses my brain, do I not have every right to cut or not cut it as I choose? Oh come on people, I'd love to see you trying to argue with this one.
       Well, since nobody is saying anything (possibly because I'm writing this rant in an empty room), I shall continue my tirade.
       Now, many of you reading this site actually know me in the real world (and possibly envy those who do not [sorry! low self-esteem today]) ... where was I ... oh right, most of you know me in the real world and know I'm skinny as anything. As I understand it, this runs in my family. An interesting side-effect of this, however, is I have the body-style of your average 1960's rock star. Compare my girth to that of a 1969 photograph of Paul McCartney or John Lennon, or perhaps to photographs of Mick Jagger or Pete Townshend (if you don't know who these people are, YOU SHOULD, but that's another rant entirely ;-)).
       So, since I have this beginning of a 60's rock star look, why not CONTINUE with that trend? I mean, I figure I'm better off looking like something than looking like nothing. Let's take a look at some of the other hallmarks of 60's rockers. Well, first, check out the hair! Generally 60's rockers had long, shaggy, unkempt hair. Perhaps you've noticed, but SO DO I. This way, I can at least pretend I'm lookin' like Ringo Starr on purpose.
       Now, I was going to go into the other hallmarks of 60's rockers but then I realised that it included a lot of sex and drugs, which are certainly not my style in the slightest. So, I'm now shifting the subject.
       I have a feeling I know where the complaints about MY HAIR are really coming from. The fact is that most people, deep down, have a yearning to both BE normal and INTERACT with normal people. Though there is a slight tolerance for deviation, there comes a point when one deviates too much and begins to feel the burn of his or her peers. My constant wearing of polyester shirts and jeans in government buildings was within the normal deviation (barely), apparently my hair just crosses the line.
       But the beauty of it is, it's the people who are complaining that are bothered by it, not me. So who has the winning hand here? I get the hair I want and more reasons to justify my low self-esteem, and some other people get to be annoyed and whiny.
       Need I say more?

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