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Welcome to Website 9.0, the official website of Scott Bradford. Scott is a college freshman at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and is big on writing lyrics, music, short stories, and just about anything else. So check out what he has to offer using the menus at the right, enjoy your visit.

October 17, 2000 -- Short story "Letters" posted (for the "Making Other Plans" collection).
October 1, 2000 -- Themed poetry collection "You Again" posted.

Front Page Rant

September 21, 2000 -- PARKING?! HA!! -- George Mason University has a parking problem, those of you who are GMU students with cars know this, the others of you probably didn't. For whatever reason, there are more cars with parking permits than there are spaces to plop them down in. Now this is not, in and of itself, a reason to rant. There are parking shortages everywhere in a car-oriented society like the United States in the 2000's. BUT, there is rant material in the way organizations (schools, for example) handle parking problems. One thing that GMU did was make the spaces smaller, therefore adding more spots. Although many people whine and bitch about their Lincoln Navigator daddy bought them not fitting, I commend GMU's effort. So what do I have to rant about? Well, B-Lot is the lot closest to President's Park (freshman dorms), and in B-Lot there are these grassy places that intrude into the lot. They are seemingly pointless breaks in the field of white lines, each of which would be two or three spots otherwise. They don't make the lot look nicer, they don't have any other reason to be there, but I estimate they eat up what could be at least sixty additional spaces. That may not be much with the shortage we have, but it would ease the pain just a little. In conclusion, to all you Lincoln Navigator types, my '88 Sable fits just fine :-)


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