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Hello and welcome to Blue Root Beer, my incongruously-named website for MIS 301. This isn't my real website, you can find that elsewhere. Regardless, it was fun to play around with some HTML and CSS to make this site (and finally use the name "Blue Root Beer"--more on that in one of the back-pages). You can see some of my classmates' pages for this assignment by heading over to the class menu.

A Little About Me

picture of me with my DV camcorder
photo by Melissa Lew
I'm a nerd, and I've been designing websites since about 1995 (I got trained in Middle School). Despite that, I'm majoring in Public Administration. This whole college-degree-thing, however, is more of a backup-plan than anything else. My real aspirations are to be a writer and/or musician (bass guitar and vocals).

Perhaps, eventually, President of the United States too. That looks like a fun job.

Anyway, I'm from Northern Virginia. I've lived most of my life right here in Fairfax County, and will probably be hanging around here for a while after I graduate from George Mason in May.

I have a lovely fiance. I've known her for ages, dated her for a little over 2 years, and have been engaged since the beginning of 2004.

If you are interested in emailing me, for some reason, go ahead. My email address is, and there's an email form on my real website.

A Little About This Site

In case you're curious, I wrote this site using WebDesign 1.9 for Mac and did the graphics in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0. WebDesign is not a WYSIWYG editor. In other words, I mettle directly with the code (call me old-fashioned, but I think sites come out better that way).

This site makes heavy use of CSS style sheets. You will find few (if any) font tags in the code, and you'll notice that all the colors and fonts are controlled through style tags rather than the traditional "font" and "body" tags.

I've tested this site in most major browsers, and it doesn't work quite right with Netscape 4. This is because Netscape 4 is now five years old, and doesn't support newer web technologies. If you're viewing this in Netscape 4, it's not going to look nearly as good as it should. Try Netscape 7, Internet Explorer 6, Safari, Konqueror, Mozilla, or any other standards-compliant browser. It even works in Opera!

Scott Bradford
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